Episode 101

Jesse and a small cadre of DIY enthusiasts attempt to attain altered states of consciousness through a process of vigorous hyperventilation – known in psychology circles as “Holotropic Breathwork.” Find out what happened in the unsupervised experiments inspired by the interview with Dr. James Eyerman in Episode #89.

Note: This is the first episode where Jesse records audio while not fit to operate heavy machinery.

Curious to know what “axonal sprouting” means, or to suss out the truth about differences between male and female brains? Stick around for our regular feature segments; the answers might surprise you.

Episode Highlights

0:38Take a deep breath and let's begin.
1:38This Week In Neuroscience: Axonal Sprouting.
4:13The audience interaction segment.
5:11Few follow-ups from Episode 100.
7:36Let the experiments begin.
8:28Holotropic Breathwork recap by Dr. James Eyerman.
9:40With a little help from my friends - or not.
10:58First impressions.
11:33The Abyss.
13:14Physical sensations.
14:44Atmosphere and ambiance.
16:23Tribal dance?
17:29Visual trips.
21:53The verdict.
25:52Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: Brains of men and women.

Want to conduct your own Holotropic Breathwork experiment? We’ve put together a Spotify playlist with all the tracks recommended by Dr. Eyerman to use in your session.

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Written by Anushtup Chatterjee