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Episode 97

The Ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself” is one of the Delphic maxims and was inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. (You may also remember it from “The Matrix” when the Oracle meets Neo for the first time.) Learning to recognize our own emotions and those of others — along with managing them effectively — forms the crux of episode #97. Jesse is joined by Professor Con Stough, who returns for his second outing on Smart Drug Smarts, for a candid conversation about the emotional aspects of intelligence.

Also in this episode Jesse shares some speculation about inheritance. Sometimes you may get more than just what the last will and testament states.

Episode Highlights

0:32A different type of intelligence.
1:40This Week In Neuroscience: Inheriting intelligence.
4:23Thank you for the great reviews on iTunes.
5:48A follow-up on last week's episode.
8:01Welcoming Prof. Con Stough back to the show and a primer on Genos EI.
9:11The origins of studying emotional intelligence.
12:04Physical morphology of the brain and its effect on emotional intelligence.
13:31Human set of emotions compared to other animals.
14:40Taking a deeper look at the Genos Emotional Intelligence Model.
18:16Emotional intelligence and workplace success.
19:16Improving emotional intelligence.
21:17Emotional intelligence vs social skills vs learning environment.
23:34Emotional self-awareness.
25:48Self appraisal vs peer report.
27:12Prof. Stough's work with emotional intelligence in schools.
30:04Applying the principles of emotional intelligence in your personal life.
32:25Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: Test your own emotional intelligence.

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Written by Anushtup Chatterjee