Episode 41

In episode #41 Jesse speaks to Daniel Kim-Shapiro, Director of the Translational Science Center at Wake Forest University and expert on this week’s topic: beetroot juice. They discuss the nitrogen cycle and its effects on brain function, safe levels of nitrate consumption, and why you should have listened to your mother all those years!

Episode Highlights

  • [1:16] Shout-out to Jill Krasny of Inc Magazine – “Biohacking” Entrepreneurs Turn to Smart Drugs to Supercharge Their Productivity
  • [1:36] This Week in Neuroscience: FDA Approval of Video Games to Improve Cognition in Older People
  • [3:00] Why beetroot juice?
  • [3:55] Daniel Kim-Shapiro tells us what goes on at the Translational Science Center
  • [5:15] Study on the effect of beetroot juice on cognition and a walk through the nitrogen cycle
  • [7:07] Effects on blood flow and blood pressure
  • [8:07] Nitric oxide
  • [10:28] Short-term and long-term effects
  • [11:15] What Daniel is working on now and “heart health”
  • 13.43 Other high-nitrate foods, discussion on potential harm, and nitrates’ bad rap
  • [18:05] Chewing your food — why you should listen to your mother!
  • [21:21] Daniel’s involvement in beetroot juice and nitrite projects
  • [22:32] “Death by Caffeine”
  • [23:10] A cringe-inducing disclosure about SDS #40
  • [24:40] Sign up to hear from us regularly (for real this time)!

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Written by Rhiannan Roe
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