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In Chapter 3 of the Know Your Neurotransmitter series Jesse and Prof. Clare Stanford examine Noradrenaline – the lesser-known chemical cousin to Adrenaline.


Brian D. Earp joins Jesse to discuss the possibilities and ethics of making biochemical tweaks to the most celebrated of human emotions – love.


Jesse and Dr. James Giordano have a spirited conversation about brain stimulation technologies, neuroethics and the importance of experimentation.


Jesse brings evolutionary psychologist Dr. Gordon Gallup on board this week for an in-depth look at semen chemistry and its mood altering effect on females.


Join Jesse and abelard Lindsay in a freewheeling discussion about the framework behind the nootropic stack Nexus – a flagship product of Axonlabs.io


What kind of tasks benefit from a mind that’s slightly groggy? Jesse is joined by Mareike Wieth to discuss her research on fatigue and its’ effect on problem-solving skills.


Stay tuned as Jesse and Dan Pardi take a deep dive into the world of GHB – the early years, the potential for benefits and misuse and the subsequent ban.


Jesse takes a deep dive into the realm of psychedelic therapy and Holotropic Breathwork with Dr. James Eyerman. Take a deep breath and tune in.


Jesse takes Ritalin for the first time ever and conducts a single-subject scientific study. What results does the experiment yield? Tune in to find out.


Virtual Reality Therapy is a method for treating phobias and anxiety; Dr. Robert Reiner has been on the forefront for nearly three decades.

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