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Proper brain health begins in our guts.

Everything we eat changes our biochemistry, affecting our moods and the way we think.  Here, nutrition experts point out the differences between good and bad "brain foods" and outline intelligent choices for overall health.

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Dr. Terry Wahls has managed to significantly reduce Multiple Sclerosis’ impact on her life by self-experimentation, after a deep study of basic science research and animal-model neurological studies in mammals like mice.

Sebastian has methodically tested an impressive number of variables to determine their effects on his personal productivity and quality of life. From dairy products to smart drugs to the lighting in his sleep environment, he’s tested (and continues to re-test) contributing elements to his life and business, and the information in this episode may just make you want to crack open an Excel file and do the same.

Dr. Barnard is a world-renowned nutrition expert and outspoken vegan, and the author of 15 books and host of three PBS television specials. He specializes in the effect people’s diets have on their bodies and brains, and their propensity for Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

Carol explains how she took her understanding of diet’s interaction with the brain and worked with professional recipe developers to create meals that your neurons will love as much as your taste buds.

Dr. Dean explains how his groundbreaking book evolved from a technical manual for his patients into a widely-known book to improve brain activity through smart drugs. “We were really focusing more on improving cognitive abilities of normal people who realized they weren’t quite as sharp as they used to be – or could be.”

Studies show fish oil has large potential for prohibiting cell death and triggering the brain’s own natural healing process and stimulating neuron growth.

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