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At the heart of cognitive enhancement is the study of the brain as a whole.

Here we cover topics that answer the question "How does this work?"  Things like memory, neurotransmitters, and what goes on inside aging brains.

Otherwise, scroll down and enjoy...

Whether you’re complete strangers or bosom buddies with the Racetam family, Jesse and Dr. Andrew Hill will make you feel welcome and get you introduced to everybody.

Join Jesse and Prof. Vincent Clark for a spirited discussion about the emerging field of electroceuticals and magnetoceuticals.

Can “motivational” chemicals reduce people’s inherent laziness about exercise, and make them form better health habits? Tune in and find out.

Jesse and a small cadre of DIY enthusiasts attempt to alter their consciousness through a process known in psychology circles as “Holotropic Breathwork.”

In episode 100 IQ meters spike up to dangerously high levels, as Jesse is joined by Rick Rosner – who ranks second in The World Genius Directory.

Join Jesse and Brad Burge from MAPS for an engaging discussion about the current state of affairs with psychedelics. Are the winds of change blowing?

Your memory — can you trust it? That is — beyond simply remembering where you last laid your keys or what it was that you wanted to buy at the grocery store. Most people implicitly trust their autobiographical memories. However, Elizabeth Loftus shows us that our episodic memories are in reality quite pliable and can actually be changed!

Jesse and Prof. Con Stough discuss the emotional aspects of intelligence – recognizing and managing them along with improving your emotional self-awareness.

What are Nootropics? There’s a lot of confusion surrounding nootropics and cognitive enhancers.  The two terms are often used interchangeably, but if you want to get really technical about it — and let’s face it, we do — then nootropic refers only to a narrow category of cognitive enhancing supplements. A substance must meet five tough …

In Chapter 3 of the Know Your Neurotransmitter series Jesse and Prof. Clare Stanford examine Noradrenaline – the lesser-known chemical cousin to Adrenaline.

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