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At the heart of cognitive enhancement is the study of the brain as a whole. Here we cover topics that answer the question “How does this work?” Things like memory, neurotransmitters, and what goes on inside aging brains.

Here are few of our favorites:
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What kind of tasks benefit from a mind that’s slightly groggy? Jesse is joined by Mareike Wieth to discuss her research on fatigue and its’ effect on problem-solving skills.


Stay tuned as Jesse and Dan Pardi take a deep dive into the world of GHB – the early years, the potential for benefits and misuse and the subsequent ban.


In this week’s episode Jesse takes a deep dive with Dr. Molly Crockett in to the world of enhancing morality through pharmacological interventions.

Axon Labs

I decided I wanted Smart Drug Smarts to create products of its own — things that I wanted, I would use, I would trust, and I could fully endorse — from the standpoint of sound science, and also of safe, rigorously-tested manufacturing processes.


Jesse has an insightful discussion about Aniracetam with Prof. Keith Wesnes responsible for almost 200 clinical trials in a career starting from 1970.


Tune in to our first ever fungal episode where Eric Cerecedes joins Jesse for a wildly interesting conversation about Lion’s Mane mushrooms.


Could a smart drug “habit” be a gateway to addiction? What’s the difference between addiction and physical dependence? What’s going on with the brain’s dopaminergic systems during addictive behavior?


Want to get more of a cognitive boost out of your workout? “Generally Recognised As Safe” supplement phosphatidylserine could be the answer.


This week Jesse and Dr. Jeffry Strong wander into a forest of lesser known plant extracts, discussing Pycnogenol, a product derived from the bark of a unique species of pine trees. Its effects range from anti-oxidation and reduction of inflammation to circulatory-system and cognitive improvements. One theory to Pycnogenol’s success is that it has a …


Jesse has a freewheeling discussion with John Danaher about “moral enhancement” technologies – old and new. They talk about emerging technologies, ethics and the notion that the mind extends much beyond our body and brain.

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