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Take a Walk on the Weird Side.

Often, our curiosity pulls us into covering subjects that are interesting to brain aficionados, but don’t fit neatly into any one of our "normal" categories — things like futurism, bioethics and emotional intelligence.

Otherwise, scroll down and enjoy...

Jesse gets into details on neurofeedback and attention disorders with cognitive scientist and UCLA Ph.D. Dr. Andrew Hill. They discuss using neurofeedback to improve mental performance, mindfulness and executive function as well as its implications for those with attention disorders and others who are looking to get a mental edge.

Philosopher David Pearce’s ultimate goal is to recalibrate the Hedonic Treadmill of both humans and nonhumans so the average level of enjoyment is much higher in the future than in today’s world.

Marketed as “Virtuous Nutrients for Your Vices,” these nutritional supplements were designed to re-balance the brain’s neurochemistry following drinking or recreational drug use.

It’s hard not to classify neuroscience as the most exciting field in the scientific spectrum today. It is the science of what we could become next.

We’re sooooooo sorry, but we couldn’t resist. We publish on Fridays. April Fools’ Day, 2016 is on a Friday… So we really had no choice. The interview featured in Episode #122 was 100% unadulterated bullshit. We promise never to do it again.  (Except for maybe in the future.)  😉 Doing an episode like this is …

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