Episode 49
Sensory Deprivation Tanks


Jesse speaks to Crash, owner of Float Lab Technologies, a sensory deprivation tank center in Venice Beach, California. Crash explains the ins and outs of the Float Lab experience, and what can happen to our minds when they’re freed from all external distractions.

Episode 48
25 Years of Holosync Meditation


Jesse interviews Bill Harris, meditation guru, founder of The Centerpointe Research Institute, and creator of Holosync Audio Technology. Bill tells us how we can gain more self-awareness in order to exercise choice in our lives, and how Holosync Technology can get us on the fast track to deep-level meditation.

The Physical Sensation of Epiphany


If the “Physical Sensation of Epiphany” is the game I’m hunting, and intellectual engagement is the forest where I hunt, then nootropics are a predictable shortcut deeper into the heart of that forest.

Episode 37
Dr. David Nutt and the Obstacles to Rational Drug Research


Jesse interviews the UK’s Dr. David Nutt on the legal and social obstacles surrounding progressive drug research.

Cats, Toilets, and the Limits of Human Comprehension


While you might not exactly understand how your toaster works, you’re not threatened by this. Because you can honestly tell yourself, “Hey, if I ever put my mind to it, intellectual mastery of my toaster is my biological birthright.” And off you proudly go.

Episode 31
Jason Sada of Axon Sports Discusses the Athletic Brain


In Episode #31, Jason Sada discusses the analysis and training methods employed by Axon Sports to condition the “athletic brain” of elite athletes from around the world. Jason is President of Axon Sports, a cognitive sports training lab that utilizes the latest neuroscience and sports research to built custom cognitive training programs for individual athletes […]

What are Barbell Weeks?


Barbell Weeks: The Recipe

One Week per Month.
Dedicated Single-Project Focus.
If Something Isn’t Worth A Week, It’s A “No.”

Episode 18
Testing a Piracetam Hyper-Dose on Experimental Test Subject #2


“We are on the cutting edge here at Smart Drug Smarts, but I don’t think the cutting edge is very sharp because I really don’t feel much at all.”

Episode 16
Lawrence G. Walters and the Law Surrounding Online Pharmacies


Lawrence G. Walters shares insights into the legal aspects of buying prescription drugs from online pharmacies. The Walters Law Group specialises in Internet advertising law and has experience in cases involving online pharmaceutical retailers.

Jesse’s Ubermann Sleep-Schedule Attempt


I was telling my body I was willing to totally starve it of REM sleep, inviting radically reduced mental performance and the associated physical risks, and I would run it into the ground unless it gave me what I wanted — REM sleep front-loaded at the beginning of my sleep-cycles, rather than 75+ minutes deep in them.

It was a confrontation where, quite literally, I dared not blink.