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If the “Physical Sensation of Epiphany” is the game I’m hunting, and intellectual engagement is the forest where I hunt, then nootropics are a predictable shortcut deeper into the heart of that forest.

The following is a guest post by Saint Jude Retreats, a non-12 step non-treatment alternative to traditional drug and alcohol rehab. The program concentrates on self-directed positive neuroplastic change and positive self-change as an alternative to traditional alcohol and drug treatment. For more on Adderall, check out Episode 98, where we cover Adderall on and …

While you might not exactly understand how your toaster works, you’re not threatened by this. Because you can honestly tell yourself, “Hey, if I ever put my mind to it, intellectual mastery of my toaster is my biological birthright.” And off you proudly go.

Barbell Weeks: The Recipe

One Week per Month.
Dedicated Single-Project Focus.
If Something Isn’t Worth A Week, It’s A “No.”

As of about 3 weeks ago, I’ve got a bona fide producer running things on the show: Ben Pomeroy (a man who’s nootropic credentials include accidentally hyper-dosing himself on Modafinil). Ben will be the engine behind the vast majority of the changes and improvements you see in Smart Drug Smarts over the next 3-6 months.

Here’s some new intel on the “launch sale” for Natural Stacks, the new nootropics company from the Episode #2’s guests Abelard Lindsay and Roy Krebs.

I was telling my body I was willing to totally starve it of REM sleep, inviting radically reduced mental performance and the associated physical risks, and I would run it into the ground unless it gave me what I wanted – REM sleep front-loaded at the beginning of my sleep-cycles, rather than 75+ minutes deep in them.

It was a confrontation where, quite literally, I dared not blink.

It’s hard not to classify neuroscience as the most exciting field in the scientific spectrum today. It is the science of what we could become next.

Studies show fish oil has large potential for prohibiting cell death and triggering the brain’s own natural healing process and stimulating neuron growth.

The podcast will cover all the latest in the explosive, fascinating, and sometimes controversial topics of smart drugs and brain optimization — everything from nutrition and neural supplements to meditation and neurofeedback — but with an emphasis on the new school — the stuff that is just coming online right now.

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