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From the archives October 2015

Pretty darn interesting links from past episodes. Our goal: to stop these nuggets from being lost to the ages.

October Cognitive Enhancers Roundup

Pretty much every episode of Smart Drug Smarts covers yet another way to make your brain even better and healthier.  Some are things you’re already doing, some are things you’ve heard about but haven’t tried, and some are things you never even knew were cognitive enhancers (methylene blue, anyone?).

Just how dedicated are you to improving your brain? Pick your brain booster: we’ve got options from easy, like blueberries, to out there, like DMT.

Had I just woken up? Or had I been awake? I was sure I was awake — although I couldn’t actually see anything. I also couldn’t feel anything.  That is, I literally couldn’t feel anything.  (And here I mean literally from back when literally meant “literally,” before literally started meaning “not literally, but figuratively.”) I …

Consanguineous Marriages

If your society allows consanguineous marriages (more to the point, cousins making babies with cousins) the genetic impact costs you almost 95% of the geniuses that random luck would have provided.

What you should eat, take, and do according to three months of interviews with neuroscientists and doctors.

Autoimmunity Question & Answers with Dr. Terry Wahls

Practical Advice for Navigating Autoimmunity in Everyday Life In Episode 136, Dr. Terry Wahls shared the clinical results of her latest research.  Wahls herself is a walking testimonial to the effectiveness of the dietary changes now known as “the Wahls Protocol™” — and clinical research is currently providing further evidence to reinforce her recommendations. For those who experience the daily …

grumpy cat with article title text

Need help talking to a nootropics naysayer? We’ve put together a cheatsheet of comebacks and rebuttals you can swipe the next time you come across a skeptic.

16 Tips From 14 Neuroscientists

Smart Drug Smarts is dedicated to the relentless improvement of your brain. Past episodes make for great listening, but there’s a lot of information to distill to get to actual to-dos. So we’ve rounded up the best, most-actionable kernels of wisdom we learned in the last three months.

It’s been an exciting year here at Smart Drug Smarts.  With 2016 hurtling towards us faster than the neuronal impulse in a well-sheathed axon (you knew we’d say something like that, right?) we thought a quick retrospective might be in order. Podcast Milestones Total number of podcast minutes: 1,754 Plus, we topped one million downloads …

Try these 4 Nootropics and reach your 2016 Health and Fitness New Year’s Goals

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