Exciting news for all you Twitter fans out there… (Tweeters? Twitterers?)  We’re starting a Twitter chat!

What’s a Twitter chat?  It’s a conversation on Twitter that takes place at a specific time, using a designated #hashtag.


For now, our chats won’t have a regular time — we’ll be hosting them when we have a fascinating guest to talk with or a topic that catches our fancy. We’ll be chatting about neuroscience, nootropics, psychopharmacology, brain health… All that usual Smart Drug Smarts-ey stuff.  Our hashtag? #axonchat

How Will It Work?

Each chat will focus on a specific topic, and will center around five(ish) questions. We’ll ask the first question, discuss, and then move on to the next question. Questions will be marked Q1, Q2, etc.

When you respond to a question, make sure to begin your tweet with A1, A2, etc. so that everyone can follow along.

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During some Twitter chats, we’ll have special guests and follow more of a straightforward Q&A format.

After each chat, we’ll post a recap on, with the best of the chat.

How Can I Join?

Just be on Twitter at the right time, and make sure to use the #axonchat hashtag!

You can also follow along using the chatroom format here.

When Is The Next #axonchat?

The next #axonchat will be Wednesday, September 28 at 8pm Eastern Time.  We’ll be chatting with Dominic D’Agostino about fasting and ketosis.

Past #axonchat Sessions