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As the Placebo Effect relates to nootropics, it’s important to recognize that the brain learns the resulting “feel” of nootropics, just like any other drug. You are almost certainly experiencing placebo effects bolstering even your most effective nootropics.

Aniracetam has been reported to yield significant increases in cognitive functioning and abilities. This is further enhanced by its effects on memory recall and, probably more importantly, its high-level effects on learning. To add to that, the drug has been proven as an anxiolytic, a drug which helps reduce anxiety.

“We are on the cutting edge here at Smart Drug Smarts, but I don’t think the cutting edge is very sharp because I really don’t feel much at all.”

Dr. Naqvi advises his patients to get off of as many medications as possible, unless there is a proven upside – and especially if they are already on other medications with which their may be unknown interactions.

Lawrence G. Walters shares insights into the legal aspects of buying prescription drugs from online pharmacies. The Walters Law Group specialises in Internet advertising law and has experience in cases involving online pharmaceutical retailers.

Dr. Terry Wahls has managed to significantly reduce Multiple Sclerosis’ impact on her life by self-experimentation, after a deep study of basic science research and animal-model neurological studies in mammals like mice.

Sebastian has methodically tested an impressive number of variables to determine their effects on his personal productivity and quality of life. From dairy products to smart drugs to the lighting in his sleep environment, he’s tested (and continues to re-test) contributing elements to his life and business, and the information in this episode may just make you want to crack open an Excel file and do the same.

I was telling my body I was willing to totally starve it of REM sleep, inviting radically reduced mental performance and the associated physical risks, and I would run it into the ground unless it gave me what I wanted – REM sleep front-loaded at the beginning of my sleep-cycles, rather than 75+ minutes deep in them.

It was a confrontation where, quite literally, I dared not blink.

Dr. Barnard is a world-renowned nutrition expert and outspoken vegan, and the author of 15 books and host of three PBS television specials. He specializes in the effect people’s diets have on their bodies and brains, and their propensity for Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

Jesse interviews biochemist and pharmacist Phil Micans, advisor to both the London Anti-Aging Conference and British Longevity Society. With his Master’s Degree in Biochemistry and as the editor-in-chief of Aging Matters Magazine, Mr. Micans is a highly-qualified individual with some profound insights into the Racetam class of chemicals — which includes some of the best-known “smart drugs.”

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