About Jesse Lawler

Jesse Lawler is a technologist, entrepreneur, health nut, world traveler, and personal optimization fiend. He is founder of Los Angeles-based mobile app company Evil Genius Technologies. In his free time, he enjoys photography and travel, and has done unsupported bicycle rides of over 6000 miles throughout North America, Asia, and New Zealand.

Hypnagogic Harvests of a Sputtering Brain


The chances that my dreams will be applicable to anything in the real world are next-to-nil. But the hypnagogic state still has vestiges of whatever I was thinking about when I laid down to nap… So if I’m conscientious about it, I can “seed” my hypnagogia with the ideas I want to explore.

The Physical Sensation of Epiphany


If the “Physical Sensation of Epiphany” is the game I’m hunting, and intellectual engagement is the forest where I hunt, then nootropics are a predictable shortcut deeper into the heart of that forest.

Episode 45
Axon: an App for the Nootropics Community


Jesse discusses the soon-to-be-released mobile app Axon, aimed at the nootropics-loving community in general, and Smart Drug Smarts fans in particular.

Cats, Toilets, and the Limits of Human Comprehension


While you might not exactly understand how your toaster works, you’re not threatened by this. Because you can honestly tell yourself, “Hey, if I ever put my mind to it, intellectual mastery of my toaster is my biological birthright.” And off you proudly go.

What are Barbell Weeks?


Barbell Weeks: The Recipe

One Week per Month.
Dedicated Single-Project Focus.
If Something Isn’t Worth A Week, It’s A “No.”

2014 Smart Drug Smarts Sneak Preview

As of about 3 weeks ago, I’ve got a bona fide producer running things on the show: Ben Pomeroy (a man who’s nootropic credentials include accidentally hyper-dosing himself on Modafinil). Ben will be the engine behind the vast majority of the changes and improvements you see in Smart Drug Smarts over the next 3-6 months.

Episode 23
Dr. Felipe Fregni and Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation


Dr. Felipe Fregni, the director of the Laboratory of Neuromodulation and Center of Clinical Research Training, talks about his research into the use and benefits of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS).

Episode 22
Nicotine: The “Most Interesting Drug in the World”?


Dr. Neil Grunberg is one of the leading minds in the study of nicotine. He’s spent almost thirty years studying the effects of nicotine on the body and brain. In this episode, he shares his wealth of knowledge regarding nicotine, and why he considers it “the most interesting drug in the world.”

Natural Stacks Launch Sale + Episode #21 Corrections


Here’s some new intel on the “launch sale” for Natural Stacks, the new nootropics company from the Episode #2’s guests Abelard Lindsay and Roy Krebs.

Episode 21
Abelard Lindsay and Roy Krebs on Long-Term Potentiation


This combination of ingredients, says Abelard, provided him with an immediate boost in desire-to-learn, as well as what felt like an ability to learn… And for the past two-plus years, he has been testing and refining what he came to call the “CILTEP” stack.