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Animal brains

What makes human brains special? How do animal brains compare to our own?

The Future of Personalized Medicine

Our complex biology requires complex, personalized medicine.

Marijuana isn’t the first thing you think of to fight off aging. But studies hint that low-dose cannabinoids might be just the thing to protect against brain inflammation.

GABA passion flower

GABA is crucial for stability in the brain. Supplementing with passion flower is one of the best methods of promoting GABA.


What’s all the fuss about this Southeast Asian plant that is both a stimulant and an opioid?

The mind is a powerful thing — it can heal the body or harm the body.

Idebenone, CoQ10, ubiquinol… what’s the difference?

Han Solo joked that Chewbacca was “always thinking with his stomach.”  Science has shown this to be truer than we ever suspected.

neural recovery

We’re fascinated by the science behind brain tissue regeneration.

We need food to survive. Can we really be “addicted” to something required for survival?

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