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The Future of Education

Through the large-scale institutionalization of schooling, we’ve had a collective massive impact on our brains.


As the number of people addicted to opiates in the US continues to rise, we look at the physical cause of opiate addiction and what we can do to reverse the trend.

Tongkat ali

Boost your mental energy, libido, and focus with this traditional Malaysian medicine that also treats chronic stress.

Virtual Reality

Can we get more out of virtual reality than just games? And what’s happening in our brains during a virtual experience?

Know Your Neurotransmitters: Acetylcholine

It’s high time we covered acetylcholine — the most plentiful neurotransmitter in the body.  And our Know Your Neurotransmitters series continues with the best guest possible to talk to us about acetylcholine.

Psychedelics are endlessly fascinating: the preliminary research shows so many therapeutic benefits — yet there’s so much we still don’t know.

Sleep and Light Therapy

We know about the detrimental effects of light on our sleep — but how we can harness light in a positive way, for alertness, mood, and our Circadian rhythms?

sarcasm and creativity

Sarcasm can the foundation of misunderstanding but maybe there’s something about sarcasm that can connect us to the power of creativity.

Alcohol Use Disorder

Social lubricant. Addictive evil. Between these extremes there’s a sea of alcohol.

Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness

Jesse talks to the authors of the new book “Stealing Fire” about the widespread use of altered states (achieved through many different means) to achieve heightened performance.

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